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«Lateral Thinking» for the real world
Welcome to The Blue Finance, the Agency for sound and progressive finance. We are your partner for applied impulses coined by unconventional thinking. Corporate and business development is our passion. Be it as advisor for progress projects, as think tank for innovation or enabler for insight and outlook — the aspiration for our work stands firm: solid as a rock, clear and fresh as mountain spring water.

Why blue? Blue stands for a sound, yet progressive stance. Progess to us means the combination of enlightenment, responsability and future orientation.

With passion and systematic, philosophical thinking and acting we develop new strategies. Deviating from mainstream and the further development of the existing is the DNA of The Blue Finance and — in analogy of jazz music — the source of innovation and inspiration.

Our Guiding Principles

Enlightened Thinking
Enlightend thinking is «educated, informed, free from prejudice and superstition». It is based on what we know, and not, what we believe to know - or just believe. It analyses cause-effect-relationships and incorporates scientific knowledge. It focuses strongly on the reality that we live in.

Responsility assures that our ecological, social and economic systems function in a sustainable way and is able to develop further. Responsiblity means: Being responsible and giving answers.

Act future-oriented
Future-orientation means the thorough discourse with the past and the present in order to gain a sound basis for wise foresight. It means, trying to anticipate the future and constantly question the status quo. Of course, the future can not be antipated, but one can prepare for it.

The Finance Enlightenment Project

The Finance Enlightenment Project
Large parts of finance are subject to knowledge illusion and as a consequence also the illusion of skill. Over time, these illusions have led to misguided self concience of an entire industry. 

The Finance Enlightenment Project's goal is the enlightend discourse with the finance industry. Enlightend thereby meaning «educated, informed, free from prejudice and superstition». Different elements of the finance cosmos are analyzed in a discoursive way to get closer to the truth.

The goal
Finance caters very important functions to society as a whole. Finance Enlightenment has a clear goal: To strengthen the trust of society in finance.

The project threrefore asks basic questions: 

  • What is the purpose of the industry? What is a good purpose?
  • What skills are required? Does finance have these skills? If not: how can it obtain them?
  • What does sound, enlightend and progressive finance look like?
  • What self-image is required to suit the purpose?